• Sustainable, green and environmentally friendly

  • Sustainable, green and environmentally friendly

  • Sustainable, green and environmentally friendly

  • Sustainable, green and environmentally friendly

What is „GREENLINE made of BIOBOARD”?

Wood is an important element of the modern kitchen. But not many people realise how polluting the manufacturing process of kitchen furniture can be. Worldwide more trees are being cut down than new ones planted – with grave consequences for humans and animals.

This is why we think today about the kitchen of tomorrow and how to help to avoid unnecessary deforestation. “Greenline made of BioBoard” replaces the traditional chip boards. We safeguard our future by using renewable raw material and preserve our nature for the following generations.


BioBoard is the sustainable, green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chip boards – without sacrificing quality. BioBoard makes the difference – at least for ecology and economy. The weight is reduced by 30% by using corn and other yearly plants. Stability and the quality of the manufacturing process are maintained. This makes transport and handling easier – an advantage for user-friendliness. All design features remain the same.

BioBoard is not only beneficial for the kitchen. It is eminently useful for living rooms, bedrooms or other various interior design purposes.

Our 19 mm movable/construction shelves assure maximum stability and endurance.
Sustainable construction is becoming more and more important. Greenline kitchens fit this trend perfectly.
Greenline has been awarded the international quality label which certifies sustainable forest management. Wood we use is guaranteed to come from sustainable managed forests.
Greenline is made almost completely of natural raw materials and includes only few other elements. This means that Greenline is recyclable – and our environment profits from it.
Greenline is a wood substitute. BioBoard is made, among other things, of fast growing yearly corn. For this reason, there are fewer trees cut down and our environment is preserved for future generations.
Greenline is lighter than traditional chip boards. This weight reduction means less strain for the environment during transport. It is also easier for the fitters.
BioBoard is made of industrial corn and other fast growing renewables. This protects our forest.
Because of the weight reduction, more BioBoard sheets can be loaded and transported. This means fewer CO2 emissions on the road.
For the production of BioBoard fewer trees need to be cut down. This protects the environment and saves resources.


  • Cabinets made of environmentally friendly BioBoard
  • Up to 30% weight reduction
  • Easy to fit
  • Workable and easier to handle as traditional chip board
  • Manufactured by using natural, fast growing raw material
  • Clean and sustainable production
  • Environmentally friendly transport
  • 100% recyclable
  • Design features are not compromised

The GREENLINE variety



Eating, drinking, cooking – essential elements of our daily life. In our modern times this means: conscious  consideration of our future – also in our kitchen. GREENLINE kitchens are our contribution to environmentally responsible behaviour. But don’t worry: this does not mean the abandonment of luxury. On the contrary – enjoy all the advantages that you can expect from your kitchen. All design features and functions are still available as before.

Utility rooms

Utility rooms

Often underestimated, but extremely useful: your utility room. There is no reason to neglect it. A clean and tidy appearance makes things easier and improves your well being. GREENLINE provides environmentally friendly cladding in different varieties and attractive design. For more tidiness – and appliances are out of sight.

Living room furniture

Living room furniture

Not obvious at first, but by all means sensible: GREENLINE for environmentally friendly furniture in your living room area. Here there are many possibilities – side boards, TV furniture or shelves in impressive variety for design purposes and even more for environmental consciousness.

Building projects

More and more people realise the importance of conscious living. The ecologically meaningful organisation of your private environment and also of your workplace is of utmost importance. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness have arrived in the home, public buildings and the work place. Sustainable construction is the modern trend. A kitchen made of conventional chip board does not suit this Zeitgeist. Especially not a building that is built with sustainability in mind. “Greenline made of BioBoard” fulfills these requirements and is part of this positive global trend. With these sustainable, green and environmentally friendly products of Greenline you resume ecological responsibility for your building project and a clean environment.


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